Night repair / by Ying Kit Tham

It was late in the afternoon when one of my guys rushed to the office and told me that a water supply pipe was damaged by excavation work. The relevant authority was alerted and emergency repair work was carried out. It was pitch dark and the only light source was emitted from the headlight of the excavator. Since I carry the camera all the time, I pulled it out and snapped away. I've always had a quiet admiration for construction workers and this evening, they were in focus(literally). For a mere few hundred dollars a month, they have to tolerate dirt, dust, mud, heat, rain, haze, danger..... stuff that Singaporeans shun away from. Their mission was to repair the damaged water valve as quickly as possible so that we can continue to take water supply for granted. This is dedicated to the 300,000 foreign workers carving out a living in Singapore.