by Ying Kit Tham

We spent last weekend in Malacca. As usual, food was main attraction there for us. Besides authentic Nyonya food, the claypot chicken rice at Mahkota Parade is a must-have.

The pathetic state we are in by Ying Kit Tham

It gets fixed if you are told to do so. Nothing gets fixed if you are not told to do so, even if you know it needs fixing. It wouldn't have cost more than $50 and 30 mins to paint the entire stretch of road hump. They probably had enough paint to do so too. This is the pathetic state we are in.

Potong Pasir by Ying Kit Tham

Potong Pasir - A north-eastern suburb in Singapore and a parliamentary seat held by the opposition for almost three decades. The estate has fallen into disrepair and most of the time, forgotten by the majority.

Night repair by Ying Kit Tham

It was late in the afternoon when one of my guys rushed to the office and told me that a water supply pipe was damaged by excavation work. The relevant authority was alerted and emergency repair work was carried out. It was pitch dark and the only light source was emitted from the headlight of the excavator. Since I carry the camera all the time, I pulled it out and snapped away. I've always had a quiet admiration for construction workers and this evening, they were in focus(literally). For a mere few hundred dollars a month, they have to tolerate dirt, dust, mud, heat, rain, haze, danger..... stuff that Singaporeans shun away from. Their mission was to repair the damaged water valve as quickly as possible so that we can continue to take water supply for granted. This is dedicated to the 300,000 foreign workers carving out a living in Singapore.

On assignment by Ying Kit Tham

Photographing another completed project for folks at Woodwater. Just finished photography works for the interiors. Now with the haze gone(I hope), it's time for the exteriors. Not much time left so pressure is on. Next project will be completing soon.

Malacca backlane by Ying Kit Tham

Spent the long weekend in Malacca. The first 2 days was rainy and cloudy. On the 3rd day, the sun came back. I took this photograph close to noon time, waiting for my favourite restaurant to open for business....... that mandatory Nyonya feast. Well worth the wait.

Between the lines..... by Ying Kit Tham

blks 63, 64, 65, 66 yung kuang road

Blks 63, 64, 65, 66 Yung Kuang Road is a majestic cluster of low cost rental flats rooted in western Singapore. Every few years, these flats are give fresh coat of paint to welcome the new batch of tenants. These flats are shabby by today's standards. From a distance, they are reduced to mere horizontal and vertical lines in the skyline of Taman Jurong. Shelters over the heads, aka homes, sit in between these lines.

Commonwealth Drive by Ying Kit Tham

A man perfecting his golf swing and the footsteps of passers-by making their way to and fro the nearby Biopolis break the silence in this lifeless precinct. This is Blk 80, Commonwealth Drive. Taking some photographs before they are gone.

The Golden Mile by Ying Kit Tham

Today, Golden Mile Complex and Tower are synonymous with terms like aged and dodgy and have fallen out of favour and into disrepair.

Working on a series for these heroic attempts of 70s.

Look up by Ying Kit Tham

Photography is a 2-dimensional representation of the 3-dimensional environment we live in. We often forget this, taking photographs at the most comfortable position - the eye level. Living in a built-up environment and wedged between skyscrapers, opportunities to photograph these giants are in abundance and only limited by the imagination. The potential which the ubiquitous public housing presents is often devalued by our familiarity with them. Everytime you walk pass a block of flats, an opportunity above might be missed if your eyes are fixated on the path ahead. Look up.

Light well in Pasir Ris