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It's Ying Kit! Graduated from RMIT with a degree in architecture, I picked up photography documenting the urban environment as part of my course work. Spending 5 wonderful years in Melbourne, my interest in photographing architecture, urbanscapes and things which don’t move grew into a hobby.

In 2008, I started freelance photography work, specialising in architectural photography and construction documentation. With my experience in the architecture and design field, I am dedicated to constantly searching for answers to meet the challenges of translating spacial experiences into still images.

I was a speaker at the "ClubSNAP Live at SAM" event in 2010, sharing my works on architectural photography. Since then, I have continued to organise photography sharing sessions with the online community.

I have adopted a full digital workflow, using Nikon and Hasselblad cameras with Nikkor, Zeiss, Leica and Hasselblad XCD optics.

I dabble with travel and street photography in my spare time.

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65 9815 7731